Sayidat Al Bahr (SCALES) - 2019

Réalisation : Shahad Ameen
Production : Image Nation Abu Dhabi, Iraqi Independent Film Central, The Imaginarium
Distribution :
Sortie: 09 Oct 2019
Casting :Baseema Hajjar, Ashraf Barhoum, Yagoub Al Farhan, Fatima Al Taei, Haifa AlAgha, Hafssa Faisal
Musique originale: Les Frères Kourtzer

Flûte: Pierre Hamon
Production exécutive: Fanny Lamothe pour Cercle Rouge productions

extrait presse:

« With its stunning rocky landscapes and luminous monochrome visuals, Scales is a gorgeous sensory experience. A droning, fragmentary score by Mike and Fabien Kourtzer heightens this sense of sensual, otherworldly beauty. »
in Hollywood reporter by Stephen Dalton Hollywood Reporter full article by Stephen Dalton

Set in a dystopian landscape, SCALES is the story of a young strong-willed girl, Hayat, who lives in a poor fishing village governed by a dark tradition in which every family must give one daughter to the sea creatures who inhabit the waters nearby. In turn the sea creatures are hunted by the men of the village. Saved from this fate by her father, Hayat is considered a curse on the village and grows up an outcast. Nevertheless, she does not surrender to this fate and fights for a place within her village. After her mother gives birth to a baby boy, Hayat must accept the brutal custom of giving…

Récompenses :
2019 Verona Film Club Award – Venice International film festival – critic’s week
2019 BFI London Film Festival – Nominated for First Feature Competition